How to list on Amazon

List on Amazon with just a few clicks

The images below are from Magento but the same concepts apply to WooCommerce.


Set Amazon Status to Enabled

The Status column turns into an orange magnifying glass icon. Screenshot_2017-03-31_12.21.26.png 


Click the search icon to initiate an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) search.

The ASIN search dialog opens, pre-populated with the product name


If an exact match is found

If one of the listings matches your product exactly, click the Screenshot_2017-03-31_12.28.33.png button. It will turn green Screenshot_2017-03-31_12.28.23.png on hover. This places the listing's ASIN into the ASIN field for the product you enabled, at which point it is ready to list.

If a possible match is found

Click the Screenshot_2017-03-31_12.28.06.png button to see the listing in a new browser tab. If you determine this listing matches your product, follow the "If an exact match is found" steps. If not, continue searching or follow the "If no match is found" steps.

If no match is found

If you can't find a match for your product, click the Screenshot_2017-03-31_12.35.03.png button, which will open the category selection dialog.


Click the Screenshot_2017-03-31_12.10.27.png icon to show the category children, until you can see the leaf categories, which can be selected.



Select the appropriate leaf category, then click the Select Category button.

Your product will require a UPC unless your account is exempt. You can attempt to list by clicking the Screenshot_2017-03-31_12.06.59.png button. You will get a red link in the Status column if there are any errors (such as UPC missing), otherwise the link will turn blue indicating the listing has been created successfully.