Linking existing Amazon Offers

Linking Existing Amazon Offers


Existing Amazon Offers that you have in your Amazon Seller Central account can be managed by Codisto LINQ but they need to be ‘linked’ to your ecommerce platform products first. 

Codisto LINQ doesn’t create products on your ecommerce platform for you but you may be able to use an alternative service (e.g. importer app), which may be found on the app marketplaces for the supported ecommerce platforms.

Once the products exist in your ecommerce platform they can be linked. Once mapped, product Offers (Price, quantity, shipping) are “enabled” and linked. Any changes to the Offer for these products will change the related Offer on Amazon.
If you want to update the Amazon Listing Details (Title, Description, Bullets etc.) from your ecommerce platform/Codisto then you need to turn Listing Details on in the XpressGrid because Codisto syncs Offers only by default. 
Note that when updating listing details, Codisto (and all 3rd party solutions) can only update listings in your Amazon Seller Central account.  It is up to Amazon (at their sole discretion) whether to update the front end i.e. what shows on the Amazon product page.  Contact Amazon is you are having issues where you are the only seller of a product and Amazon Seller Central isn't being reflected on the public, buyable Amazon product page.

How to Link Amazon Offers

Navigate to "Link Existing Listings" (More>Link Listings) inside the Codisto app and choose the relevant Amazon site:



Codisto will try to match your existing Amazon Offers to your webstore products in two ways:

  1. Using SKU codes or Product Identifiers.  This is the highest confidence match.  If you are happy with the matches found you can link quickly in bulk after checking.
  2. Using close title or SKU match.  Codisto looks for close matches.  It isn't a perfect science because we attempt to broaden the search to make linking faster by extending search beyond 'exact match'.  Please check for appropriateness of the matches and link individually or in bulk.

No automatic match

If no match is found you can search for a match manually based on title or leave the listings unlinked.  Click search, choose product and repeat.  Then click confirm and contine button at bottom right when you are happy.