Previewing and Publishing Templates

The template preview system in Codisto LINQ is designed to let you preview your template changes before publishing them to live listings. 

Preview Panel

When any product row is active in the Manage Listings grid, a little Preview tab appears on the right hand side of the grid. 


Clicking it opens the preview panel, which shows what the listing will look like with the currently selected template. 


Previewing Responsive Design


The device mode buttons in the preview tab switch the rendering of the template to Desktop, Tablet or Mobile views so you can confirm the effectiveness of responsive elements in your template.

Template Editing Instructions

The Template Editing link at the bottom of the preview panel opens instructions specific to your ecommerce platform in a new browser tab.

Full Tab Preview

Clicking the Screenshot_2017-08-02_19.50.17.png button in the preview panel opens the full tab preview, which has additional functionality to preview, synchronise and publish your template files.




Refreshing the template synchronises any changes you have made to the template file in your ecommerce environment (per the environment specific instructions) and renders the result. 

Publish templates to eBay


Clicking Publish makes the changes live. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Failure to perform this step means the template changes are not available to the live listings. If a new template file is not published but selected against a listing, the live listing will use the default template instead.

Add More Products to Preview


This feature shows multiple listing previews simultaneously in the preview screen.



Opens the template editing instructions for your specific ecommerce platform.

Open in new tab


Opens the preview frame in a new tab.