Easy Switch Guide for Inkfrog users

Download a pdf of this guide here

Why switch?

  • Codisto LINQ supports selling on both eBay and Amazon – why limit yourself to just eBay by using Inkfrog? Let Codisto LINQ sync products from Shopify to both Amazon & eBay, keep inventory in sync across all channels and transfer both Amazon & eBay orders to Shopify for easy fulfillment.


  • Codisto LINQ has multi-currency functionality allowing you to sell on any Amazon & eBay marketplace globally whilst retaining a single home currency of your Shopify store.


  • Codisto is native to Shopify – control Amazon & eBay from within Shopify instead of being redirected to a separate platform.


  • Codisto LINQ has the world’s leading synchronization performance – list fast, never oversell and fulfill orders quickly.


  • Codisto LINQ is the only marketplace integration solution with ‘XpressGrid’ – a revolutionary spreadsheet style interface allowing you the fastest control to search and make edits to listings in bulk.


  • Codisto LINQ allows you to use Shopify custom meta-fields and map them to Amazon & eBay listing configurations. You can even use formulas e.g. if inventory < 5 then increase price by 5%.


  • Codisto LINQ supports full HTML eBay template editing with full database driven logic – inject any Shopify meta-field data into your template and use formulas to give you full template control.


Making the Switch

Switching to Codisto LINQ from Inkfrog is quick and easy and can be done without ending your current eBay listings.

  1. Disconnect & uninstall Inkfrog - it’s important that only one integration solution is connected at once to avoid data conflicts. Be careful not to end eBay listings before revoking the Inkfrog token in your eBay account if you want to retain sales history.
  2. Install Codisto LINQ - wait for initial sync to complete (this will take a few minutes depending on the size of your catalog). Do not enable any listings in Codisto LINQ at this point – they will be automatically enabled once your existing listings are linked to your Shopify products. 
  1. Re-link eBay listings - your Shopify products need to be re-linked to your existing eBay listings using Codisto LINQ. This will allow for synchronization between Shopify and eBay. Once linked Shopify becomes the ‘master data’ for each eBay listing. There are two choices for re-linking listings:

a) Codisto provides a free service to re-link all of your existing eBay listings automatically. This is only possible if the SKU codes in Shopify match the SKU codes on eBay. If a SKU code match isn’t possible, then you must link the listings manually inside Codisto LINQ via the “Link eBay listings” view.

b) Manually link the listings inside Codisto LINQ. You will find this option by navigation to More > Link eBay Listings in the top right hand menu of the Codisto LINQ interface. See this article Linking eBay listings using Codisto LINQ before deciding whether to link with ‘current listing configuration’ or per the settings in the Codisto XpressGrid prior to linking, and take note of the important considerations after linking (as explained in the article).


CODISTO LINQ Free linking service

If you would like to take advantage of the free Codisto linking service, you can raise a support ticket by sending an email to support@codisto.com with subject: “Switching from Inkfrog <your Shopify Store URL>”. In the body of email, copy the following text (assuming you are happy with it!):

“I wish to switch from Inkfrog to Codisto and would like Codisto to automatically link my existing eBay listings to my Shopify products. I understand that this will only be possible if the SKU codes on my eBay listings match the SKU codes my Shopify account (otherwise I will have to link them manually myself).

I have revoked the eBay token to Inkfrog inside my eBay account and I have uninstalled it from my Shopify account. I have installed Codisto LINQ, synchronization has completed and I haven’t enabled any products inside Codisto LINQ because I understand they will be automatically enabled once my existing listings are linked to my Shopify products.

I confirm I am happy for Codisto to link my existing listings with the following settings:

  • Shipping/Returns/Category settings to remain as they are on existing listings
  • eBay Prices to be driven from and linked to my Shopify Prices
  • eBay Inventory to be driven from and linked to my Shopify Inventory
  • eBay Title to be driven from and linked to my Shopify Product Name
  • eBay Description to be driven from and linked to my Shopify Product Description
  • eBay Item Specifics to be copied from eBay listings and unlinked from Shopify
  • My products will be listed using Codisto’s mobile optimised, active content compliant template

I understand I am not bound by these settings.  After linking I can use Codisto LINQ to make edits.

I want Codisto LINQ to automatically send all eBay orders to Shopify for enabled products. To avoid any duplicate eBay orders being sent to Shopify, please only send orders after eBay Sales ID number <enter sales ID number>”

The Automatic linking service is performed in Australian business hours and is usually done same day, with most accounts being completed within 24 hours. Your listings will remain active on eBay and you can continue to make sales. Any orders on eBay accumulated during any ‘downtime’ will be automatically transferred to Shopify once the linking process is completed.  If you have any questions at all, please contact support via chat or email

Download this guide in PDF format