Amazon errors: What they mean & how to fix

Amazon is fantastic for buyers.  It can be very profitable in terms of sales velocity for sellers.  However, it's not the easiest platform to use for sellers and one of the most frustrating parts is Amazon returning errors without sufficient explanation as to what the errors mean. 

This guide is being continually added to and serves to explain common errors and how to go about fixing them in Codisto LINQ.  The easiest way to use the guide is to copy some standard text from the Amazon error (found by clicking any red links in the Codisto Marketplace listings screen - highlight and hold down ctrl+c before releasing highlight).  When searching be careful to only use the generic part of the error, then try to find it in this article by using ctrl+f and paste (ctrl+v).  If you can't find an error email and we'll look to add it to the guide if it makes sense to do so.


1) ERROR: "The SKU data provided is different from what's already in the Amazon catalog. The standard_product_id data provided matches ASIN <anyvaluehere>, but the following data is different from what's already in the Amazon catalog: field_name (Merchant: 'IhavethisTitle' / Amazon: 'YesbutIhavethisTitle'). If this is the right ASIN for your product, update your data to match what's in the Amazon catalog. If it's not the right ASIN, make sure that your data for standard_product_id is correct."

EXPLANATION: This means that there is a product already in Amazon with an ASIN for this sku code but Amazon has different values for the <anyfieldnamehere> - e.g. your catalog has 'My Amazon field' and Amazon has 'My nice Amazon product field'.  Amazon will only let you list with that ASIN if you 'send' the exact value as it is in Amazon.  

FIX: There are two ways to fix this.  The easiest is change the catalog data option to "Use Amazon catalog".  That means you are only sending your price and inventory (and condition, number of items if applicable) but not the other items e.g. Title, description, images, usually required to make a new listing.

The alternative is to make the data in your ecommerce platform or Codisto exactly the same as Amazon's current value.

If your product isn't exactly the same e.g. you are selling a pack of 3 whereas the Amazon product is a single then you need to delete the ASIN and search for the correct one OR create a new listing by publishing (white Amazon button) after choosing a category (make sure ASIN field is blank).  Catalog data would be set to Shopify/Magento/Woocommerce not 'use Amazon catalog' in this case. 

2) ERROR: "A value is required for the <anyfieldnamehere> field."

EXPLANATION: Means you need to send a value for <anyfieldnamehere>.  Because there are literally thousands of fields like this in Amazon that depend on the product you are listing, you first need to activate that field (else the grid would be unwieldy).  You can either activate and map to a Magento/Woocommerce custom attribute or Shopify meta-field or activate and set the value to 'codisto grid' which allows you to enter a value in the grid field.  

FIX: Activate the field (we'll use 'size_map' field for our example here):

a) Find the product type for that "product type" - scroll right on the grid to Catalog data and expand the column group using <> and note the value.

b) Go to More>Attribute mapping:

Scroll down to Product Specific Attributes and activate and save.

You can then use 'Codisto grid' or map to a Shopify/Magento/Woocommerce field.

c) The column will appear in the Description column group.  If you use "codisto grid' in attribute mapping you can enter a value in the grid and save (white amazon button).  If you mapped to an attribute the grid column will be grey - no direct entry allowed (because mapped).

3) ERROR: XML Parsing Error at Line <xxx>, Column <xx>: cvc-maxLength-valid: Value '<anytoolongvaluehere>' with length = 'xx' is not facet-valid with respect to maxLength 'yy' for type '#AnonType_ValueStandardProductID'.

EXPLANATION: This means your value is too long for a field (in the above error) it's the product identifier (UPC/EAN/ISBN/ASIN).

FIX: Shorten the data (in the above example to 16 characters).


4) ERROR: "You are not authorized to list products in this category. To sell products in this category you need to obtain approval by following the instructions given here:"

EXPLANATION: Since an ASIN is already provided and you are trying to make an offer in selling the same product that is already existing on Amazon,

FIX: you will need to contact Amazon to allow you to list in this selected Category by clicking on the link:


5) ERROR: SKU <Anycodehere>, Missing Attributes standard_product_id. SKU <Anycodehere> doesn't match any ASINs. Make sure that all standard product ids (such as UPC, ISBN, EAN, or JAN codes) are correct. To create a new ASIN, include the following attributes: standard_product_id. Feed ID: 0. For more troubleshooting help, see.....

EXPLANATION: Amazon is missing a product identifier

FIX: Supply a UPC/EAN/ISBN (open ASIN column group using <>) and either enter directly in grid or go to attribute mapping and map a custom field in your ecommerce platform to the relevant UPC/EAN/ISBN field in Codisto. (mapped fields (columns) are grey in the grid and can't be edited directly in the grid due to the mapping).


6) ERROR: Feed rejected

EXPLANATION: Amazon is rejecting our submission on your behalf before looking at the details.  This means there is a problem with your Amazon account in the form or some sort of restriction/limitation. 

FIX: Check your Amazon Seller Central for more information on the restriction - details should be shown there, if not please contact Amazon directly for more details.

It could be due to your Amazon account being brand new, or that your Amazon account has become inactive for some reason.  You can potentially fix the issue by logging into your Amazon account and resubmitting your credit card information and your banking details. 

Resubmitting financial details to Amazon can cause the account to be reactivated (which can take 2-3 days) at which time the error can clear. If you have recently opened a new Amazon Professional Seller account, resubmit financial details and wait 2 to 3 days to allow Amazon to complete the setup of your new account.


7) ERROR: "The value 'XXXX' for 'SKU' in this message was the same as previous message(s) '1', which is not allowed. This message was skipped." 

EXPLANATION: you have a duplicate SKU code that is being submitted to Amazon which Amazon can't process. 

FIX: Tidy your catalog data and remove duplicate SKU codes.  You can't efficiently fulfill orders and manage your catalog with duplicates.


8) ERROR: The product data provided was insufficient for creating a variation (parent/child) relationship for SKU: [<SKU Code>]. Ensure that the parent and child share the same variation theme and that there is a submission for variation theme attributes (eg. size and color for size_colour variation theme).

EXPLANATION: you most likely have the same ASIN at the product level as one of the variations of the product.

FIX: Remove the ASIN from the product level and save.