Changing listings with XpressGrid

Listing details are managed via the columns in XpressGrid.

Column Purpose
Select (checkbox) To select the row for bulk edit. Ticking the checkbox in the header will select all rows.
Code A read only column showing the code of the product
Name A read only column showing the name of the product. It is linked to the eBay tab of the product in your ecommerce platform, which provides another view into the same data, just for the individual product.
Image Shows a small thumbnail of the main product image. 
Web Price A read only column showing the price of the product on the website
Listing Link A narrow column containing a visual representation of the link status
Status The current status of the product. Shows Enabled on a light green background if the product is enabled or Disabled on a light red background if the product is disabled. The status values can be clicked to change the current status.
Title By default it is the same as the Name but can be changed by clicking in the field and editing the value
Price [Collapsible] Used to adjust the price of the listing on eBay. See  Set a different price on Marketplace from prices in your ecommerce platform for detailed information.
Quantity [Collapsible] Used to adjust the quantity available on Amazon or eBay. See  Setting the quantity available on Amazon or eBay for detailed information.
Categories [Collapsible] Used to adjust the listing category and eBay Store category
Shipping [Collapsible] Used to adjust the shipping method, cost, handling and express options. See  How to set shipping rules using Codisto for detailed information.
Returns [Collapsible] Used to adjust whether or not returns are accepted, return days, refund type, who pays return shipping and any additional return policy details.
Description [Collapsible] Used to edit the listing description (which defaults to the the product description) and Item Specifics
Bolded column names indicate columns which can be expanded for adjusting additional details or collapsed to minimise horizontal scrolling