2.1 Connecting your eBay & Amazon account

This guide discusses eBay but the process is the same for Amazon.

You are prompted to connect eBay (or Amazon) on first installing the product or when there is no marketplace connected.

You can also link eBay by visiting Settings from the menu option (More>Settings).

To connect, click the "Connect your eBay Account" button:


A dialog will pop up to finalize the connection to eBay. Click the Connect button (check the red rectangle in the picture below).

When the eBay Sign in form appears, enter your eBay user ID and Password and click Sign In

After you have done this you will see a prompt to Grant application access to Codisto. Click "I agree" and you are ready to list!

After connection completes, your Settings screen will change to those below and allow you to change the desired eBay marketplace, Logo, Payment Methods and Default Location.