Setting ship to countries

It is possible to specify international ship to locations individually per listing or in bulk using Multi-Edit.

Step 1 - Add the "int. Ship To Location 1" Column

Chick on the column chooser:

Tick Int. Ship To Location 1:

Step 2 - Edit the Ship To Locations

If you see only a summary of Shipping International 1 like this:

Click <> in the header to expand the column group. You will then see something like this:

Click Edit in the Int. Ship To Locations column. You will see the following dialog:

If you want to ship to most countries, then the default of all selected is a good place to start. If you only want to ship to a few countries, untick Select All, then either tick individual countries or the region buttons at the top to select everything in that region:

When you have finished selecting the countries, click OK then save:

Specifying ship to locations per shipping service

Each of the 5 international shipping services can have a set of countries specified. This makes it possible to define a service and decide which countries it applies to. Just repeat the above steps for Shipping International 2 through to 5 (as required) to define rules for additional regions.