Setting shipping rules

By default, only 1 domestic and 1 international settings are displayed but it is possible to offer several domestic and international shipping services.  Add more services by using the column selector button

Shipping columns collapsed view

When the Shipping columns are collapsed (the default), a summary of the shipping settings is shown. Clicking on the value or the <> icon in the header row will expand the Shipping columns.

Expanded View

Cost Type


When Flat is selected (the default), the item will be listed with flat rate shipping as defined in the Cost field.


When Calculated is selected, shipping will be calculated based on the location of the buyer using the method defined in the Method field.


This field is only used if Flat is selected for Cost Type. The default is 0, which is free shipping. This field is ignored if Cost Type is set to Calculated.


Calculated (eBay)

This method uses the rates available on eBay. No shipping widget is displayed on the listing because the shipping calculation happens on eBay.

Handling Time

Number of days between receipt of order and despatch. This value is factored into the estimated delivery date range displayed on eBay.

Express Shipping

Whether or not Express Shipping is offered as an option. It is on by default because eBay Premium Listings require express shipping to be offered.

Express Shipping Cost

Express Shipping only supports flat rate. The amount entered in this field is the rate charged. It defaults to 999 because eBay Premium Listings require express shipping to be offered but doesn't stipulate anything about the rate.

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