Reimporting & updating data

Updating data and reimporting

Once imported, data can be edited directly in Xpress Lister (individually or in bulk).  

Alternatively, you can reimport a previous spreadsheet (or portion of it) to update the data - NOTE THE PRODUCT CODE IS CRUCIAL TO THIS PROCESS.  

If Xpress Lister detects product code on an import file that already matches a product code in Xpress Lister it will UPDATE/OVERWRITE the data in Xpress Lister with that being imported.  This is useful for example when updating existing product data e.g. inventory levels, prices or anything else you want changing.

If Xpress Lister does not detect that any product codes being import match existing product codes, Xpress Lister will CREATE NEW PRODUCTS in Xpress Lister.

You can then export the data that is in the Xpress Lister grid, make changes and re-import.