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For configuration issues see Verifying/Troubleshooting Magento Configuration


Common Problems FAQ

My inventory is not appearing in the XpressGrid™

After you have installed Codisto LINQ your Magento store inventory will be synchronized with the Codisto cloud. If you are not seeing any inventory appear in the XpressGrid™ then you may require some further configuration.

Codisto LINQ requires access to http(s)://{YOURDOMAIN}/codisto-sync/ for inventory synchronization. Installing the plugin automatically maps that url on your webserver to our synchronization logic. Out of the box, there is no need to create any special directories or custom configuration of your web server required.

Help - My store is down

It's possible that your store is in maintenance mode. The simple fix is to remove the maintenance.flag file in the root directory of your Magento installation.  Further details


Magento Compilation / Magento Cache problems

If you are experiencing a white screen after install, it is possible that Magento Compilation / Cache is affecting your site. If you have Magento Compilation enabled and are experiencing this issue, it's likely that Magento cannot find Codisto LINQ related files in store_front/includes_src. To resolve this please read some helpful links  here and here. If you only have FTP access you can also see the following page to resolve Magento compilation issues

Third Party Caching problems

We have a page dedicated to keeping track of (in)compatible caching extensions. Please see  here for assistance.

Codisto extension not listed

After installing Codisto LINQ if you find that the extension is not listed and the menu item is not listed it may be due to Magento config.xml being cached. To resolve this, go to the System menu following by Cache Management and select the "Configuration" option followed by clicking submit. Now reload the page and an updated config.xml will be generated with Codisto LINQ as part of the xml.

Permission errors

If your Magento environment is incorrectly configured (such as filesystem permissions) there will be all sorts of problems. Problems installing Magento itself even occur. Sometimes these misconfigured environments prevent support remotely assisting as we are "locked out". For more information on correctly setting up Magento and file system permissions, please refer to the  Magento installer documentation

“Community channel is not installed" error

If you see the following error

CONNECT ERROR: The ‘community’ channel is not installed. Please use the MAGE shell script to install the ‘community’ channel.

The root cause of this is that Magento wasn’t completely  setup when installed. You’re most likely to encounter this when the Magento installation is new or there haven’t been any extensions installed yet.

To fix this, have your system administrator SSH into your web server and run the following commands:

chmod 777 mage ./mage mage-setup
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