Plugin installation failure

95% of installations succeed without incident.  However, whilst the open source nature of Magento is good for allowing incredible flexibility via customizations, on occasion it can cause temporary issues installing Codisto Connect. 

Good news!  Of the 5% of plugins that don't install immediately, we've never had a single one that hasn't installed.  

The majority of any issues are caused by hosting environment configuration.  Please make sure IP address: is whitelisted to ensure sync is successful.

If that isn't the issues, typically, it takes some quick communication with our support team to ascertain the issue and then the plugin installs.

Steps to resolve

Simply raise a support ticket  here. One of our team will assist getting the plugin installed promptly. 

Note, for Codisto to assist you remotely it may be required to have the Magento Admin credentials and appropriate FTP privileges. If you have these ready it will allow us to assist you more efficiently.


Assistance with common problems

Please see  here for assistance with common problems