Multiple eBay accounts - WooCommerce

It is easy to connect multiple eBay accounts to WooCommerce using Codisto LINQ.

Connecting the first time is a simple as following  this article

Once connected to eBay, and on the settings screen, you will see settings for your eBay Account that you have just connected. (See below).

* Note - If you do not connect to eBay initially you will not see the Manage eBay Accounts / Marketplaces option. 

o Connect an additional eBay account please click "Manage eBay Accounts / Marketplaces"

You will now be presented with your current eBay configuration including options to 

  • Change eBay Account
  • Disconnect an eBay Account
  • Change the eBay Marketplace that is currently selected
  • Add an eBay Account
  • Add an eBay marketplace

Select "Add eBay Account"

Proceed to follow the instructions listed next to "When the eBay Sign in form appears, enter your eBay user ID and Password and click Sign In"  here

After you have entered the details and been granted application access to Codisto for this additional account you will be presented with a screen such as the following.

The new eBay account will now appear underneath  the connection that you clicked "Add eBay Account" for.  At this point, you may change the eBay Marketplace that this new account lists on or click Save.

Once this process has completed you will see the additional account that you just connected listed in the eBay settings (as per below).

Now that you have the additional account listed, to specify which eBay account to list on, click the down arrow next to the listed eBay ID at the top of XpressGrid.

Now select the eBay ID you would like to use to list.

After selecting the desired eBay user ID, the XpressGrid will reload and you can proceed to list.

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