Common Magento Errors


Connection string is empty
Warning: Your Magento folder does not have sufficient write permissions (image)

Both these errors can occur when your Magento installations' file/folder permissions are incorrect.


Call 02 8889 8839 or email us with your Magento and FTP details handy and we can do it all for you!


Contact your hosting provider for FTP details and the specific file path to your magento folder.

Click the "Settings" tab in the Magento connect screen.

  1. Select "Http" for the Magento Connect Channel Protocol option
  2. Select "Stable" option for the Preferred State option
  3. Select "No" for the Use custom permissions option
  4. Select "FTP Connection" as the Deployment Type
  5. Enter your FTP Host name, Login and Password that you can gather from your provider
  6. Enter the path for your magento install - this can be determined by your hosting provider and MUST BE CORRECTbefore continuing.
  7. Continue back with the Steps outlined HERE