6.5 Why choose Codisto LINQ over other solutions?



The Codisto LINQ plugin is incredibly easy to install. See  Downloading and Installing the MarketPlace Connect by Codisto Plugin for step by step instructions. Minutes versus days or weeks. The cost difference can be substantial.


This is a big one. There is nothing to configure. As soon as Codisto LINQ is installed, it is ready to use. It doesn't matter how many products you have, you can list them all in just a few clicks. See  Bulk Updates using XpressGrid Multi Edit.

Listing Management

How much time would it save if you could update all your Amazon and eBay listings just by making changes to the products on your website, without worrying about making the same change to the marketplace listing. That's exactly what Codisto LINQ does for you, automatically. The time saved easily offsets the cost of Codisto LINQ.

ImageSmart Listing Template

There is no doubt that a professionally listed item will sell better than one with just a bit of text. The MarketPlace Connect ImageSmart template creates highly professional, mobile responsive listings automatically. More sales! Yet another reason the fee is easily justified.

Order Management

When someone purchases one of your Amazon or eBay listings, an order automatically gets added to your platform. When the buyer completes checkout, the order automatically gets updated with payment details and delivery details. When you process the order, marketplaces automatically gets updated, including shipping details and feedback.