Configuring Cloudflare - Magento & Woocommerce users

If you are using a CDN with enhanced security features, you may have to modify them to allow Codisto to work correctly with synchronizing products and orders.

If you are using CloudFlare in front of your Magento or WooCommerce environment, security may be blocking us from effectively pushing orders up. In the Manage orders screen, you may see an error similar to the following ...

Codisto is simply showing the HTML response that it received when pushing orders to your Magento or WooCommerce environment. In this particular case when the Codisto endpoint was requested, CloudFlare blocked it temporarily until a Captcha was answered. 

To resolve this, you will need to turn off the captcha by following the directions on  Cloudflare's help page

You may also need to whitelist various IP's which Codisto will provide by contacting support with your request using the contact form on  http://help.codisto.com/.

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