Managing Feedback

This article applies to version 1.1.64 and above. Get the latest plugin

To access feedback management, click eBay | Codisto -> Manage Orders in the top Magento admin menu. Here you can manage how eBay feedback is handled by CodistoConnect.

Feedback Settings

  • Order Complete - when this is checked CodistoConnect will only send feedback when the order is complete. ie: paid in full and all items shipped
  • Buyer has Paid - CodistoConnect will send feedback to the buyer when they are have paid in full
  • Never - Feedback will never be sent by CodistoConnect

Canned Feedback

Clicking 'Manage Feedback Messages' will bring up a new panel that allows you to manage what feedback messages are sent to your buyers. The feedback messages are picked randomly from the set.

You can add, edit or remove feedback messages from the list. Click 'Save' at the bottom of the panel when you are done or the Close button at the top of the panel to exit without saving.