1.1 How to use Channel Cloud

1) Connect your Amazon/eBay account to Codisto (you should be prompted to do this but you can always do it or add more accounts from 'Settings'). 

(See here for how to create an eBay account or here for Amazon Professional Seller account if you don't already have one).

2) Set Default listing values for Amazon or eBay.

3) Understand the XpressGrid interface

4) Link existing Amazon Offers/eBay listings; and/or

5) Create new Amazon/eBay listings


What is Channel Cloud designed to do?

Channel Cloud can create new listings on any Amazon and eBay site globally using your products inside your ecommerce platform.  It can also link existing marketplace listings to your products in your ecommerce platform.  Inventory is always in sync on all channels (eBay/Amazon/website) and orders are sent from Amazon/eBay to your ecommerce platform for efficient fulfilment.

Channel Cloud uses your existing product catalog from your ecommerce platform as the basis and ‘source of truth’ for controlling what product information is shown on Amazon/eBay listings.

You select which products to list by setting the Amazon/eBay status to “enabled” and clicking the white Amazon/eBay button, which submits the changes to Amazon/eBay (in this case creates listings).  Once listed the link icon will appear blue (clicking on it will take you to the actual listing).
Enabled products are ‘linked’ with your ecommerce platform meaning any changes to these products will change eBay listings automatically.  (All changes to eBay listings for enabled products must be done by Channel Cloud because any changes made to listings directly on Amazon/eBay will get overwritten with the settings in Channel Cloud!)
The idea of Channel Cloud is you configure the settings, enable the products and go back to managing your ecommerce platform as you did before but with the additional benefit of having added the Amazon/eBay sales channel!