What is Codisto?

Codisto lets you connect to global Amazon, eBay, Google and Walmart sales channels directly from Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Ecwid and Magento.

With Codisto, you can:

  • Create new sales channel listings individually, in filtered groups, or in bulk across your entire catalog using your existing product catalog from your online store.
  • Link any existing sales channel listings to their corresponding products in your online store.
  • Set automated rules for separate sales channel pricing, inventory and product details based on your online store product catalog, including the ability to set price, inventory and shipping rules and map separate fields in your eCommerce platform to optimize titles, keywords and descriptions for your sales channel listings.
  • Keep inventory, pricing and product details in sync between your connected sales channels and online store catalog.
  • Receive and fulfil sales channels orders directly from your existing ecommerce platform, integrate your multichannel order flow, and automatically transfer fulfilment and shipping status data back to sales channels.

With Codisto you can connect to any global Amazon, eBay, Google, or Walmart site, from any store currency, and Codisto comes launch-ready, which means all you need to do is install Codisto from your eCommerce platform's app or extension store, connect your sales channels, and start selling. There's no data migration, no re-platforming, and your existing eCommerce platform remains the source of truth for your product catalog.

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