eBay Click & Collect

What is Click and Collect?

Click and Collect is a feature offered by eBay in selected eBay sites (ebay.com.au and ebay.co.uk at the time of writing this help article), where buyers can choose to have the item delivered to a local supermarket for collection at their convenience.

Enabling Click and Collect

The feature needs to be enabled by eBay on the account. Once you've contacted eBay and had them turn Click & Collect on for your account, you can enable it on listings by changing the value in the setting in the Click and Collect column in the Shipping Domestic 1 column group of the XpressGrid as shown below. 

Adding the Click and Collect column to the XpressGrid

By default the Click and Collect column is not visible in the XpressGrid. It can be enabled as follows:

1) Click the Column Chooser button

2) Tick the Click and Collect option to enable the column.

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