Strange template after eBay import

What to do if your template looks strange after importing from eBay

Choosing the correct template to use when importing templates/descriptions for existing eBay listings

Because eBay combines the template and the product description wording into a single element "Description", when you import existing eBay listings eBay will import both the description wording AND any HTML formatting from your description into the Description field.

There is no problem with that EXCEPT you need to be conscious of the template that Xpress Lister applies.  To explain, our Default template uses HTML and generally assumes that your Description contains words only with no HTML.  If your imported Description contains HTML and you use our Default template you can end up with "HTML inside HTML" and the template may look strange.

To fix strange looking templates from imported eBay listings, you either have to use the "Blank" template (which will simply present your Description content on eBay "as is" using any HTML that's included) OR you have to delete all HTML code from within your Description (making it 'plain' words only) and then apply our "Default" template which injects the HTML to make the listing 'look good'.

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