Cache Compatibility issues

There is a multitude of caching mechanisms that can be integrated with Magento to assist with performance.  

Magento itself comes with various caching facilities. Other caching implementations can range from internal Magento extensions to more complex setups. These are designed to minimize latency and can cache various factors from PHP bytecode, database operations, network traffic and disk i/o. There are too many to mention here but a few examples are CloudFlare, Varnish, Redis, Memcached and so on.

Codisto LINQ will work correctly with most caching mechanisms out of the box. Exceptions for this could be due to the caching extension being misconfigured (too aggressive or just plain incorrect).

As we test new caching mechanisms and receive reports from our users we will update this compatibility list and also provide workarounds for implementations that cause issues or outright break Codisto LINQ. Incompatible extensions will have links to articles that can assist with configuration changes to resolve the incompatibility.



Incompatible out of the box/ Requires configuration

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