1.1: Setup and Introduction - Before You Connect

The first video in the Codisto Tutorial Series will discuss what you will need to prepare before you can connect your online store to Amazon or eBay with Codisto.

For further information on how to create an Amazon Professional Seller Account or eBay Seller Account, including guidance on selecting the right Amazon or eBay region for creating your account, please read the below guides:



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Module #1: Setup and Introduction

  1. Before You Connect
  2. Connecting Your First Marketplace
  3. Setting Marketplace Defaults
  4. Introduction to the XpressGrid

Module #2: The Codisto XpressGrid

  1. Customizing Columns
  2. Search and Filter
  3. Changing Marketplace Settings
  4. XpressGrid Multi Edit
  5. Enable and Publish

Module #3: Codisto for Amazon

  1. Setting Marketplace Defaults for Amazon
  2. Understanding Amazon Listings
  3. Introduction to Amazon ASINs
  4. Listing on Amazon #1: Creating Offers
  5. Listing on Amazon #2: Create New Listings

Module #4: Codisto for eBay

  1. Setting Marketplace Defaults for eBay
  2. Link Existing eBay Listings
  3. Create New eBay Listings