Welcome to Codisto

In this first video in the Codisto Tutorial Series, you will be introduced to the features of Codisto and the topics that will be covered throughout the series to help you get started selling on sales channels.

For further information on how to create an Amazon Professional Seller Account or eBay Seller Account, including guidance on selecting the right Amazon or eBay region for creating your account, please read the below guides:

If you don't already have a Google Ads account, Codisto will create one for you when setting up your first Google sales channel connection, but you will need to create a Google Merchant Center account. 

To sell on Walmart, you will need to apply directly to Walmart to be approved as a seller and receive approval before connecting with Codisto:

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Setup and Introduction
Welcome to Codisto The Codisto Home Screen
Connecting Your First Sales Channel  
Create and Manage Listings
The Codisto The Listing View Using Single-edit Mode
Introduction to the XpressGrid™ Customizing Columns in the XpressGrid™
Search and Filter in the XpressGrid™ Changing Sales Channel Settings
XpressGrid™ Multi Edit Publishing Listings and Edits to Sales Channels
Codisto for Google
Connecting to Google Google Shopping Smart Campaigns
Optional Google Education for First Time Sellers  
Codisto for Amazon
Understanding Amazon Listings Introduction to Amazon ASINs
Link Existing Amazon Listings Listing on Amazon #1: Creating Offers
Listing on Amazon #2: Create New Listings Managing Amazon Orders
Codisto for eBay
Link Existing eBay Listings Create New eBay Listings
Managing eBay Orders Setting Defaults for eBay Listings
Codisto for Walmart
Getting Started on Walmart Listing on Walmart #2: Creating New Listings
Listing on Walmart #1: Creating Offers  



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