3.1 Setting Amazon Defaults

Why Set Defaults?

Defaults make future listing creation easier by setting default listing values.  Don't worry, you're not locked into these settings, they can be easily changed for individual or groups of products later.


See Setting eBay Defaults article here.


‘Web Price’ creates a live sync to your webstore prices (change a price in your ecommerce store and marketplace listings get updated automatically) but you can also choose a constant value (no live sync), % or $ increase/decrease (relative to your web price with live sync) and apply rounding if desired.



'Web quantity’ creates a live sync to your webstore inventory (which gets automatically reduced after sales on marketplaces) but you can also choose a fixed value (no live sync), a buffer (e.g. choosing a buffer of 2 when your webstore inventory is 5 will display 3 on listings) and max quantity (e.g. choosing a max quantity of 5 will always show 5 on listings unless webstore inventory drops below 5 where it will show the actual inventory).


Shipping & Returns

Choose merchant fulfilled or FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon).


Merchant fulfilled using shipping rules set in Amazon Seller Central (shipping can't be set in Codisto because Amazon provides no Shipping API).  From a quantity standpoint, listings use webstore quantities/Codisto settings.

FBA means listings use FBA shipping rules.  From a quantity standpoint, listings ignore webstore quantities/Codisto settings and listings use quantities in Amazon fulfilment centres.

Product identifiers

Set the field in your ecommerce platform containing your UPC/EAN/ISBN data so Codisto LINQ can match your product with existing listings on the marketplaces.



Choose whether Codisto LINQ should automatically send Amazon orders to your ecommerce platform or not. You can decide if auto-send should be for all listings or only the products Codisto LINQ is managing (i.e. set to “enabled”). Setting to never means no orders will be automatically sent but they can still be sent individually or in bulk from the orders screen in Codisto when triggered manually. 

Be sure to consider other apps/channel you have connected and avoid duplicate orders being sent.


The default setting wizard is launched when you first connect a marketplace account but it can also be accessed to update defaults in Settings.