4.1 Understanding the Marketplace Listings Grid

The Marketplace Listings grid ("XpressGrid") is a spreadsheet style interface that allows fast and easy creation and editing of marketplace listings.


Each tab along the top represents a different Amazon & eBay connected marketplace and offers separate configuration for each.


Each row represents a single product in your catalog (any ‘child’ SKUs are found by clicking the ‘+’ symbol on rows).  Scroll the grid vertically to see all your products.


Each column represents a different marketplace field for your products. The blue fixed left-hand side columns show the details from your product catalog in ecommerce platform and their listing status on the marketplace tab you are on.  The right-hand side shows the marketplace settings and values.  Scroll the grid horizontally to view additional settings.

For Amazon, the right hand side columns are split into Green - Offer columns (price/inventory/shipping), and Aqua - Listing Details columns (e.g. Title/Description/Bullets).  Whereas for eBay they are all blue and represent all eBay fields/settings.


Column Groups

Column groups can be expanded and collapsed for easy viewing by clicking the "<>" icon.  Additional columns (settings) can be added to (or removed from) the grid using the white “customize grid” button at the top.


You can filter, sort and bulk select to quickly make changes by using the check-box at the top-left to select all products (selects all filtered products if you have a filter applied). Or you can select individual product rows with the check-boxes against each product row in the first column.

For example, to change the marketplace price for a listing expand the pricing column and change the pricing rules on individual products. 

Bulk edits

Bulk edits use filters/check-boxes to select the group of products you want to change in bulk and set new price rules using the Xpress Grid Multi Edit (green) row at the top of the grid.


Save changes

Commit changes to the marketplace by clicking the white "Send to Amazon/eBay" button.


Extra Fields

Additional marketplace fields (columns to add to the grid) can be found by clicking the 'Extra Fields' button.