Linking Existing eBay listings

Linking Existing eBay listings


Existing eBay listings can be managed by Codisto but they need to be ‘linked’ to your ecommerce platform products first. 

If you have products on eBay that aren't in your online store catalog, Codisto doesn’t create products in your ecommerce platform for you but you may be able to use an alternative service (e.g. an importer app), which may be found on the app marketplaces for the supported ecommerce platforms.

Once the products exist in your ecommerce platform they can be linked.
Sales history and ‘best match’ is retained when mapping existing listings.  Once mapped, products are “enabled” and linked. Any changes to these products will change eBay listings automatically.  (All changes to eBay listings for enabled products must be done in Codisto because any changes made to listings directly on eBay will get overwritten with the settings in Codisto!)


How to Link eBay Listings

You can navigate to the Link eBay Listings page from the Home Screen, or by navigating to the Settings View where you will find 'Link eBay Listings' at the bottom of the page.

Codisto will try to match your existing eBay listings to your webstore products in two ways:

  1. Using SKU codes.  This is the highest confidence match.  If you are happy with the matches found you can link quickly in bulk after checking.
  2. Using title match.  Codisto looks for close title matches.  It isn't a perfect science because we attempt to broaden the search to make linking faster by extending search beyond 'exact match'.  Please check for appropriateness of the matches and link individually or in bulk.

If no match is found you can search for a match manually based on title or leave the listings unlinked (e.g. you have additional listings on eBay for which there are no products in your webstore).

Then choose the listing rules for the linking.


eBay Settings: Title, Description, Price, Tax, and Image inherit your current settings in eBay into Codisto

Codisto Settings: Title, Description, Price, Tax, and Image override any data already set on eBay and this cannot be restored

If you are unsure which option to choose, please reach out to our support team who can assist and are available 24/7 at  support@codisto.com.

Before proceeding, you will be required to acknowledge you have read and understood these terms

Shipping Rules and Return Policies can easily use existing eBay listings settings or Codisto settings because they are not elements that are synchronized with your Shopify catalogue. They can be easily changed via dropdown options in Codisto at any time.

and click the link listings button in the bottom right.

What if I have used eBay Price, Title or Description during linking but want to change so they are now synced with my ecommerce platform?

If you chose "eBay settings" for Price, Title or Description then they are set as constant or 'hard-coded values'.  They are not initially set to be synced with your ecommerce platform.  

You can change them to be synced later if you wish (remember to save using white eBay/Amazon button top left):

eBay Price

If you want the eBay price to be driven from your website, you need to bulk edit the eBay price to use the operator "web price".

eBay Title

If you want to have your product name from your ecommerce platform synced to your eBay title then you need to bulk edit the title field to: {name}  (you can see the result by clicking customize grid and adding the eBay title result column to the grid).

eBay Description

If you chose "eBay settings" when linking the listing, the following will have happened:

1) The full eBay description of the listing will load into the Description field
2) The template is set to imported, which tells Codisto to render the description as is

If you want to have your description field from your ecommerce platform synced to your eBay description then you need to bulk edit the description field to {description} then set the Template column to default (read on for information about preserving your design).

You can filter the Template column on imported to find all the listings that have yet to be updated.

eBay hasn't done a good job of architecting their description field and doing this will use our default template with your written product description from your ecommerce platform.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to use your existing eBay template, if you have one, with your ecommerce platform description in this way (due to the combined HTML way eBay serves it to us via API).

There is a way to achieve linking existing eBay listings, using your ecommerce platform description with a custom template:

Use your website description (per above bulk edit method of {description}) and edit your template using our guidelines (requires your template in HTML and our 'tags' to be used - see Template editing Magento or Template editing Shopify or Template editing WooCommerce or Template editing BigCommerce


You can learn more about linking eBay listings by watching this tutorial video.

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