Codisto Menu Views


The menu views contain all the screens and settings needed to use Codisto Codisto:


The Home screen serves as the central landing area for the app.  From Home it’s easy to see important notifications like renewing marketplace auth tokens and launching common actions like listing products or connecting channels. 


The Listings view now features three distinct modes for managing your sales channel listings, all accessible from the drop-down selector on the right.

  • Single-edit Mode can be used for quickly listing or editing single products. This holistic overview of a channel’s listing process will be great for new users looking to learn what field options exist and what’s required to list or edit.
  • Multi-edit Mode featuring the Codisto XpressGrid™ for bulk listing and management of your entire product catalog in one, easy-to-use spreadsheet-style interface.
  • Attribute Mapping Mode to define and map attribute fields between your channel listings and Shopify catalog, automating field content and using specific channel data such as specific listing titles, prices or descriptions.

**Important: You can navigate between the three modes in the Listing View at any time by using the mode selector tool in the top-right corner.**



This screen allows you to review inbound sales channel orders and control settings for which orders and how they are automatically transferred to your ecommerce platform.


From the Settings View, you can:

  • Connect additional sales channels
  • Connect multiple sales channels accounts
  • Change defaults values for new listings on sales channels.
  • Manage currency rates for overseas listings
  • Manage account level inventory location
  • Manage eBay’s Paypal account and template logo


Manage Codisto plan for Channel Cloud, payment methods and view payment history and invoices.

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