Codisto Home Screen

When you log in to Codisto, you start your session on the Home screen.

The Home screen serves as the central landing zone for the app. 


Notifications contain important information or actions and are shown at the top of the screen in yellow.

Examples of notifications are “link existing listings” (Codisto has found existing listings on a connected account that you should review and link to your ecommerce platform products) and “Amazon auth required” (you need to authorise Codisto to communicate with Amazon on your behalf to maintain sync).


Subscription status

Your subscription status (Trial/Subscribed/Payment required) is shown on the right hand side.

If you are in free trial your days remaining will be shown.  If you are subscribed you will see your plan which is a link to the Account screen.

If you are subscribed but payment is required this will be shown in red.


Other Navigation Cards


The link cards in this section below notifications will launch common actions like listing products or connecting channels and help you navigate to the right view and mode quickly and easily:

Connect Channels

These links allow you to connect a new Google, Amazon or eBay sales channel to your online store catalog. 

If you have not yet connected a Google, Amazon or eBay account, this will be your first step required to start selling on sales channels through Channel Cloud. If you have already connected your first sales channels, you can connect additional Google, Amazon and eBay channels from here also.

List a single product

This will take you to the new single-edit mode in the Listings view. The single-edit mode allows you to select individual products from your product catalog to view and manage your specific channel listing values and rules for that product. You can learn more about the new single-edit mode here.

List multiple products in bulk

This will take you to the Codisto XpressGrid™ where you can create, edit and manage product listings on your connected sales channels in bulk, in filtered groups or individually.

To learn more about the Codisto XpressGrid™ click here.

View Orders

This will take you to the Orders view where you can review and manage inbound sales channel orders.

To learn more about the Orders view click here.

Set some default values to make listing easier

This will let you set or change the default values that determine how Codisto lists products on your connected channels based on your online store catalog.

To learn more about setting defaults click here.

Map attributes

This will take you to the Attribute Mapping mode within the Listings view to map fields from your online store catalog to your sales channel product listings.

To learn more about attributes click here.

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