Easy Switch Guide for Stitchlabs users

Codisto supports Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento and Ecwid.  If you are using Stitchlabs in conjunction with one of these ecommerce platforms then it's quick and easy to switch to Codisto.

Codisto uses your product data in your ecommerce platform as the source of truth for Sales Channels.

Making the Switch

  1. Stop Stitchlabs syncing with your listings but do not end them.  - it’s important that only one integration solution is connected at once to avoid data conflicts. Be careful not to end listings as Codisto will be able to link them to products in your ecommerce platform to retain sales history and search ranking.  If you are in any doubt that Stitchlabs may still be syncing with Amazon/eBay you can revoke the 3rd party token being used by Stitchlabs directly on Amazon or eBay.
  2. Install Codisto LINQ - wait for initial sync to complete (this will take a few minutes depending on the size of your catalog). Do not enable any listings in Codisto LINQ at this point – they will be automatically enabled once your existing listings are linked to your ecommerce platform products.
  3. Re-link eBay listings - your ecommerce platform products. need to be re-linked to your existing eBay listings using Codisto LINQ. This will allow for synchronization between your ecommerce platform and Amazon/eBay. Once linked your ecommerce platforms becomes the ‘master data’ for each Amazon/eBay listing.  To link, visit "home" and follow the "link listings" notificiation card and link individually or in bulk.   The following example shows how to link eBay listings with a Shopify platform but the process is similar for Amazon and the other ecommerce platforms.

Codisto will try to match your existing eBay listings to your webstore products in two ways:

  1. Using SKU codes.  This is the highest confidence match.  If you are happy with the matches found you can link quickly in bulk after checking.
  2. Using title match.  Codisto looks for close title matches.  It isn't a perfect science because we attempt to broaden the search to make linking faster by extending search beyond 'exact match'.  Please check for appropriateness of the matches and link individually or in bulk.

If no match is found you can search for a match manually based on title or leave the listings unlinked (e.g. you have additional listings on eBay for which there are no products in your webstore).

Then choose the listing rules for the linking.

and click the link listings button in the bottom right.

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