What is Google Ads?

Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is a digital advertising platform that helps place your business in front of prospective customers at the exact time they’re searching for your products or services across Google, Youtube and other sites. 

Google Ads provides a variety of ad types to drive key business goals. A diverse set of Google Ads based on permutations in your target market can have a significant impact on your conversions and brand recognition.

Only pay for results

Google will only charge you when your campaign delivers results i.e. when your customers engage with your business - calls, website visits and store visits or directions. There is no minimum spend requirement, no contract and Google enables you to start, pause or stop your campaigns at any time. The cost of each chargeable action, however, varies based on a number of factors.

It’s easy to setup and maintain

  1. Set your campaign goals (calls, visits, directions)
  2. Set the location you’d like to target (locally, globally)
  3. Create your Ads message (what do you want prospective customers to see/know about your business)
  4. Set your monthly budget (cap your monthly ad spend)
  5. Launch
  6. Google helps you optimise (Google provides reports, insights and tips to track and optimise your campaigns)

Ad types

Google Ads offers three basic ad types:

  • Search Network campaigns - Text format
  • Display Network campaigns - Image format
  • Video campaigns - 6 or 15 second videos

Google Ads also offers additional advanced Ads campaign types:

  • Shopping campaigns - Image, retailer, price, website link
  • App campaigns

How does Codisto help?

With Codisto, you’ll be able to sync and manage your Google Shopping feed directly from your ecommerce site to Google Merchant Center, in real-time. 


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