What is Google Shopping & Shopping Ads?

Google shopping is an Ads campaign type that enables retailers to reach shoppers during their initial search on Google. For buyers, Google Shopping facilitates the search, view and comparison of products from participating retailers, all through Google’s search results page. 


The information used in your Shopping Ads is drawn directly from your product feed as submitted to your Google Merchant Centre account (such as image, title, price and business name). Codisto syncs your product feed with Google Merchant Center (GMC) in real-time.


By default, your shopping campaign(s) will drive customers to your ecommerce site. However, you do also have the option to display “local inventory” from nearby bricks-and-mortar stores. To do so, a separate local inventory feed must be submitted and activated in Google Merchant Center.


Benefits of using Google Shopping

  1. Better qualified leads: By featuring enriched product data within your ads, you help potential buyers more easily find your products.
  2. Customer reach: By running Shopping ads alongside text ads, you can increase your reach and visibility by potentially surfacing more than one ad (text + shopping) for a single search.
  3. Simple campaign management: Google uses your existing product data in Google Merchant Center (not keywords) to surface your shopping ads, simplifying campaign management. 
  4. Advanced analytics: Powerful reporting tools enable you to review your campaign performance at multiple levels in order to identify growth and optimization opportunities.


What do you need to create a Google Shopping campaign?

In order to use Google Shopping, you’ll need a Google Ads account and a Google Merchant Center account:

  1. Product feed (required) regularly updated feed containing all product data, such as titles, images, price, product identifiers, description etc.
  2. Google Ads (required) is where your campaigns are setup and controlled from (Budgets, goals, timing, location etc.).
  3. Google Merchant Center (required) is where your product feed will be housed and referenced by Google (GTIN, attributes, price, quantity etc.)
  4. Google Analytics (recommended) is a free reporting tool to connect to Google Ads and track visits and conversions on your website.


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