Smart Shopping campaigns

Smart Shopping campaigns blend your existing product feed with Google’s machine learning to display a diverse variety of ads across a wider network of Google placements, including the Google Search Network, the Google Display Network, YouTube and Gmail. 

To maximise the conversion value of your campaigns, Google also automates your ad placements and bidding - while ensuring you do not exceed your campaign budget. Using automated ad placement means your ads will only be displayed in slots when they’re relevant.

Smart shopping campaign requirements

In order to run smart shopping campaigns you'll need to submit a list of at least 100 active users (customers) related to your account. Google smart shopping campaigns rely on a remarketing audience made up of these customers. For example, Google will utilise your remarketing list to surface relevant ads for products/pages previously visited on your website. 

*Best practice* Frequently update your remarketing list to ensure ads are always being surfaced to your most recent visitors.

What Ads types does a smart shopping campaign use?

  • Product shopping ads
  • Local inventory ads
  • Display ads

What sites do smart shopping campaigns get displayed on?

  • Google Search Network
  • Google Display Network
  • Youtube
  • Gmail

Conversion tracking

Smart shopping campaigns make use of conversion tracking events like online purchases, sign-ups, phone-based purchases and store visits when measuring conversions, while campaign conversion value will be automatically maxed-out against your daily budget. 

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