eBay Plus - eBay's customer loyalty program

What is eBay Plus?

eBay Plus is a paid customer loyalty program that provides participating eBay buyers with additional rewards and benefits (such as exclusive offers, free shipping, and returns) for shopping on eBay. 

As a seller, if you meet the program's eligibility criteria, earning the eBay Plus badge is free and enables eBay to recognize you for providing a great customer experience on eBay.

Why should you participate in eBay Plus?

Put simply, eBay Plus is a reflection of retail standards and earning eBay Plus badging can be considered a benchmark for sellers to work toward, helping you stand out against your competitors. 

According to a recent comparison analysis by eBay, “listings that earn an eBay Plus badge see up to +16% sales uplift on average vs. listings that are not badged with eBay Plus”.

As an eBay Plus seller, in addition to gaining boosted visibility on-site and access to eBay’s most engaged buyers, you’ll also enjoy a number of other benefits offered by eBay, including increased seller protections and eBay funded promotions.

What do you need to do?

eBay Plus eligibility is measured at a listing level, which means you can choose which items you’d like to offer eBay Plus on. You may like to exclude some Heavy/bulky items, dangerous goods (e.g. batteries) or items that cannot be returned/resold.

At a seller level you must be Above Standard or eBay Top Rated and compliant with eBay selling policies. 

When updating in Codisto, you can do so at an individual listing level or by bulk editing your postage and returns in-line with eBay Plus criteria:

  • Listings
    • items must be located in Australia
    • Fixed-price format
    • Is not bulky or heavy
  • Postage and handling:
  • Free domestic postage
    • Reasonably priced express postage option to major cities
    • 0-1 day handling time
    • Valid tracking on 95%+ of orders (to maintain badging)
    • No additional cost for multiple items
  • Accept 30-day+ returns

Visit the eBay Seller Centre for a detailed summary of the eBay Plus program, its benefits and eligibility criteria.

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