Google Channel Overview


To get started with Codisto's Google Channel all you need is a Google account (e.g. Gmail account) and a Google Merchant Center account. 

If you don’t have a Google account or Google Merchant Center account, you can create both accounts for free using the following links:

Step #1: Create a new Google account

Step #2: Create a Google Merchant Center account

Once you connect to Google with Channel Cloud using your Google account and Google Merchant Center account, Channel Cloud automatically syncs your existing product catalog data from your online store to your Google Merchant Center, and if necessary, Channel Cloud will automatically create a Google Ads account (depending on the Google product being used).

If you already have a Google Merchant Center (GMC) or Google Ads (GAD) account, you can simply link them instead of creating new accounts.  Codisto supports multi-account configurations.

Google channel overview

Here is a diagramtic overview of the Channel Cloud's Google Channel

Google Product Surfaces across Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) & Smart Shopping Campaigns & Local Inventory Ads (LIA)& Display ads
Google account(s) required Google Merchant Center (GMC) GMC+Ads (GAD)
Actions required Sync products with GMC Sync products with GMC + launch/manage Smart Shopping campaign
Listing type Standard Enhanced Standard
Google Search Network
Top of Google Search Network 
+ Display Network, YouTube and Gmail
Google search (rich snippet) Google Images Google Lens Google Shopping tab
Paid/free Free Paid
Buy on Google available No Currently USA/France No