Google Channel Overview


To get started with Codisto's Google Channel all you need is a Google account (e.g. gmail account). 

Codisto will then automatically create you a Google Merchant Center (GMC) account and if necessary a Google Ads account (depending on the Google product being used).  If you already have a GMC or Ads (GAD) account, you can simply link them instead of creating new accounts.  Codisto supports multi-account configurations.

Google channel overview

Here is a diagramtic overview of the Channel Cloud's Google Channel

Google Product Surfaces across Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) & Smart Shopping Campaigns & Local Inventory Ads (LIA)& Display ads
Google account(s) required Google Merchant Center (GMC) GMC+Ads (GAD)
Actions required Sync products with GMC Sync products with GMC + launch/manage Smart Shopping campaign
Listing type Standard Enhanced Standard
Google Search Network
Top of Google Search Network 
+ Display Network, YouTube and Gmail
Google search (rich snippet) Google Images Google Lens Google Shopping tab
Paid/free Free Paid
Buy on Google available No Currently USA/France No