About Google Shopping & Buy on Google in Codisto

Google Shopping

On Google Shopping (currently only available in the US and France) buyers can search, browse, and compare across their favorite stores. Here’s how it works:

Find what you’re looking for

To find the right product, price, and store, buyers can search, browse, and use filters.

Choose between online and local stores

They can find available products nearby or have them delivered.

Place your order

If they decide to buy online, they can check out right on Google, wherever you find a cart icon Add shopping cart. Otherwise, they can check out on your store’s site.

Buy on Google

While shopping, they find products that have a cart icon Add shopping cart on them. Wherever they see it, they can:

Check out on Google

Easily place their order on Google, with their saved Google Account information – there no need to go to another site.  This increases conversion and boost sales.

Codisto will automatically transfer Buy on Google orders to your website for easy fulfilment.  In this way you get the benefit of increased conversion via a seamless Google checkout flow for buyers with the benefit of integrated orders.

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