Title optimization for Google Shopping ads

In a product & price comparison environment like Google Shopping, you are competing against the sellers around you in the search results for a buyer’s attention. Google uses your product title to determine the relevance of your listing to a specific buyer's search query, so it is crucial to include keywords that buyers are searching for in order to increase the probability that your product is shown.

Studies have found that optimizing your product title has the greatest effect on Google Shopping performance, driving as much as 10X more traffic. Providing well-structured, detailed product titles give a buyer a clear snapshot of what you are selling, can lead to an increase in clicks through to your listing, and ultimately, more sales! 

Google Shopping titles - Google's best-practices

Use your product titles to attract people to your ads.

  • Include important attributes in your titles, such as strong brand names, age group, gender, size, color, size type, or personalization options. Provide customers with the most relevant information about your product to better match search queries and drive performance lift.
  • Put key details at the front of your product title, especially if they’re not visible in the image. Product titles are truncated in most ad formats, so show your most relevant and compelling content at the beginning of the title to inform customers before they click through to your site.
  • Run experiments to identify optimization techniques that are most effective for your products and target audience. For example, try adding color to your apparel product titles and measure the change in your key performance metrics. Test different tactics to determine what will drive results for your business.
  • Use a unique product id and title value for every item in your product data. Using the same, consistent id with each item will preserve its historical data. In addition, through a differentiated title, you can showcase the details and attributes of each product to help customers quickly find what they’re looking for.

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