Amazon catalog and creating offers Vs. creating listings

In order to create a more streamlined, customer-centric shopping experience Amazon hosts its product catalog onsite and maintains strict guidelines when submitting product data to the marketplace. This means that Amazon controls the product listings and details that are shown to buyers. The intent is to maintain accurate, informative and up-to-date product information for buyers. Amazon's product catalog, however, can be added to by anyone (assuming the listing has not already been created previously). Sellers, Vendors or Amazon can create new products within the Amazon catalog and have a unique ASIN assigned so that other sellers can create offers for it.


Sellers have 2 options when selling on Amazon

  1. Create an offer: When creating an offer on Amazon, you are telling Amazon that you have products to sell that are already listed in Amazon's catalog. Therefore, to create an offer you are only required to provide a product ID/ASIN, price, inventory, shipping details and SKU. All other product details will be populated by Amazon. Codisto uses your product ID (GTIN) to automatically match your offer to an ASIN
  2. Create a listing: When creating a product on Amazon, you are telling Amazon that you have products to sell that ARE NOT in Amazon's catalog. In this case, the product must be created and assigned an ASIN first before it can be made available for sale. This will also allow other sellers to create offers for your product and begin selling on Amazon. In order to create a product in Amazon's catalog you are required to provide more detailed product information in order to tell Amazon what it is you're actually selling (Product description, bullet points, weight/dimensions, product attributes, category etc.). Unlike other solutions that require you to create your listing on Amazon and then link it within their platform, Codisto enables you to create new listings directly from your ecommerce platform.


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