Custom Product fields in BigCommerce

Custom fields in BigCommerce allow you to include additional information about your products that will appear on your website product page. BigCommerce provides a set of common product identifiers and attributes (such as GTIN/UPC, SKU). Custom fields refer to data in addition to the predefined product fields provided by BigCommerce, with a maximum of 200 custom fields allowed per product.


In simpler terms: Product fields are used when creating or editing a product in BigCommerce.


In the context of multichannel sales, custom product fields can add value to your listings and significantly increase your chances of conversion. For example, Codisto recommends enriching your product details with as much structured data as possible. This allows each sales channel to surface your products to the most relevant search query. Customers will also be able to use the available filters to more accurately specify their search (and your listing won't disappear from search!). Once you have created your custom fields in BigCommerce, you can use Codisto's attribute mapping tool to map your custom fields to your sales channels.


Custom fields can be created in BigCommerce using 3 methods

  1. Directly from the BigCommerce control panel
  2. Uploaded via CSV import
  3. Via API


Adding a custom field through the BigCommerce control panel

  1. Go to Products > View
  2. Click the product you want to edit or add a custom field to
  3. Scroll down to custom fields > + Add Custom Fields
  4. Populate the Custom Field Name and Custom Field Value (repeat for each required custom field)
  5. Save changes


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