Product types & attributes in Ecwid


Ecwid sellers can make use of product types and attributes in Ecwid to populate various sections of their Ecwid site, such as products, orders or customers. Doing so allows you to enrich the product data you're displaying to potential customers, improves search ranking by making your products more relevant, build a more granular view of your customers or store & transfer data between your Ecwid site and other platforms/systems (such as Codisto!).


In simpler terms: Product types and attributes are the fields that you populate when creating or editing a product in Ecwid.


  • Product Types: Used to group products that share the same attributes, such as the same GTIN e.g. ISBN or UPC
  • Product attributes: In addition to product types, attributes help to provide additional unique information about a product, such as cost price. Every product type is assigned a brand and UPC attribute by default.


In the context of multichannel sales, additional attributes can add value to your listings and significantly increase your chances of conversion. For example, Codisto recommends enriching your product details with as much structured data as possible. This allows each sales channel to surface your products to the most relevant search query. Customers will also be able to use the available filters to more accurately specify their search (and your listing won't disappear from search!). Once you have created your custom attributes, you can use Codisto's attribute mapping tool to map your custom fields to your sales channels.


Creating and assigning product types and attributes

By default, all products in an Ecwid catalog start with a general product type and default attributes (e.g brand, UPC). Ecwid also enables sellers to use product types and attributes to enrich their product data with additional details. You can also set attributes to show or not show on site, in case you'd like to keep certain attributes private.


  1. From Ecwid admin, go to settings > product types
  2. Click Add new product type
  3. Use the search bar to find matching types
  4. Select your required Product Type and click Add
  5. You can now edit the attribute fields


  1. From Ecwid admin, go to Catalog > Products
  2. Click on a product to edit its detils
  3. Switch to the attributes tab
  4. Click Change type
  5. Fill in attribute values
  6. Save


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