Stop Codisto support emails going to Spam folder

Codisto uses Zendesk (the leading software provider for helpdesk ticketing).

Currently Zendesk is experiencing an intermittent problem with some email providers regarding spam filtering - occassionally some emails are being incorrectly filtered by the email providers as spam. 

This means Codisto users requesting support may not be receiving emails into their inbox and think we haven't replied whereas the email has been incorrectly filtered to the spam folder.

Zendesk is aware of this problem and is working with the email providers to track down the problem and rectify.  (This is outside of our control). However, until a fix has been found there is a chance you won't receive Codisto support emails.

If you have received a support email from us into your spam folder, there is a way to avoid it happening again:

Set up a mail box rule to avoid Codisto support emails going to spam:


1) open our email in the spam folder

2) Click the three dots in the top-right corner of the email.

3)  Select "Filter messages like these."

Screen_Shot_2020 04 06_at_4_00_34_PM
4) Add "" and check "Never send it to Spam" checkbox 


Microsoft Outlook

In the Microsoft Outlook desktop program (not to be confused with, described below), there’s a special option that prevents emails from getting marked as spam. Click the “Junk” button in the Delete section on the ribbon and select “Never Block Sender”.