Listing on Walmart

1) Map Your Product Identifiers

To sell on Walmart you are required to have valid product identifiers for your products. Walmart accepts the following types of product identifiers:

• GTIN (Global Trade Item Number)
• UPC (Universal Product Code)
• EAN (International (or European) Article Number)
• ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
• ISSN (International Standard Serial Number)

If you do not have any of these product identifiers for your products, ask the manufacturer or distributor of the products to provide them to you and update your BigCommerce catalog to include them.

If you manufacture your own products or are the exclusive seller, and the products do not have any of the product identifiers, you can purchase unique GTINs from GS1.

In some instances, if you are the registered owner of the brand of products you are selling and exclusive distributor, and don’t have valid product identifiers, Walmart may grant you an exemption to sell. To apply for an exemption, you will need to contact Walmart directly (see Walmart Product Identifier Exemption).

Before you can begin listing your products for sale on Walmart, you will need to map your product identifiers from your BigCommerce catalog so Channel Cloud can use them to create your listings.
To do this, go to the Listings View and select Attribute Mode from the drop-down mode selector.

Then, scroll down to Product Identifiers and map the product identifier type to the field it is stored in in your BigCommerce catalog using the drop-down menus.


Once you have mapped your product identifiers, simply hit “Save & Publish to Walmart”.


Alternatively, you can map your product identifiers and set some default values for your Walmart listings by going to “Settings” and updating the defaults (including mapping product identifiers) for your connected Walmart account.

2) Create new Offers

If you are selling a product that is already for sale on Walmart, even if it is the first time that you are selling that product on Walmart, you will need to make an “offer to sell” for that product, including price, inventory and shipping terms. Walmart will use your product identifiers to publish your offer to the existing listing for that product.

An 'Offer' comprises Price, Quantity and Shipping terms (and Condition & Taxes) which is the necessary information for you to be selling the product on Walmart.

In Multi-edit Mode, these fields required to list your products for sale on an existing Walmart listing are found in the green “Offer Fields” section in the middle of the Codisto XpressGrid.

If you are selling products that are completely new to Walmart catalog you will need to create a new “listing” for that product. (See below)

1. Check/Edit Offer Data

Check Price, Quantity & Shipping data and make any edits to product rows you intend to create offers for.  Remember column groups can be expanded to display options using the <> icon and all edits can be made in bulk.


2. Check Offer Status


Ready to Create Walmart Offer

When the Offer status icon for a product row is green then you can 'Enable' the Offer Status and Codisto will attempt to create an Offer on Walmart. (Remember to save using the white 'save & send to Walmart' box - top left of below screenshot).


Product Identifier Required

If the Offer status for a product row is yellow it means a Product Identifier is required. Walmart always requires valid product identifiers to create an Offer. You can enter product identifiers directly into the XpressGrid but if you already have data it is better to map data from your ecommerce platform

3. Enable & Send to Walmart

After publishing (flashing icons that can take Walmart a few minutes to return a result), the offer status link will change colour:

mceclip4.png    mceclip6.png

If the link goes blue, your Offer is live on Walmart (click to view).

If the link goes red, Walmart is returning an error (click to view and resolve - reach out to if you need any help resolving the errors Walmart is returning).

3) Create New Listings

If you are selling products that have never been sold on Walmart before, by anyone, you will need to provide additional listing information to create new Walmart listings for your products.


If after trying to create an Offer, the icon turns to light blue, then there is no existing product on Walmart to create an Offer for and Walmart requires more data to first create the Listing (to which it can then apply the Offer).

Scroll right on the grid to the Listing Data section (light blue columns).



Clicking the Listing Details 'on' expands the Listing Data section:



4. Select Category and assign Brand & Manufacturer

You will initially be prompted to choose a category to list in (yellow icon in Listing Details Status column).  It is generally advisable to ensure you have entered/mapped your Brand and Manufacturer BEFORE setting the 'Send Listing Details' to "On" for the applicable products.

Remember all edits can be made in bulk.

5. Send Listing Details

Set 'Send Listing Details' to 'On' and then 'Save & Send to Walmart' (white button top left).


After publishing (flashing icons that can take Walmart a few minutes to return a result), the Listing Details status link will change colour:


If the link goes red, Walmart is returning an error (click to view and resolve - reach out to if you need any help resolving the errors Walmart is returning).

It can sometimes be an iterative process to uncover what Walmart requires (it doesn't show all errors in one go).  Reach out to if you are having problems resolving the Walmart errors early to avoid so we can help you get your products listed sooner - we're here to help!