Does Codisto work with other 3rd party solutions e.g. other apps, inventory management solutions and repricers?

Codisto works well with common 3rd party apps e.g. meta-field extensions and shipping integrations and supports use with Inventory & Order Management Solutions and Repricers (simply turn off the appropriate sync in Amazon Channel where other solutions are performing a certain sync function e.g. pricing sync for repricers). Codisto 'should' work well with other 3rd party apps due to our rigorous adherence to app development guidelines.

However, we cannot guarantee all 3rd party apps have been developed in accordance with these guidelines and given the large number it is impossible to test all. If you are using a 3rd party app that you are already using and suspect may cause a conflict we suggest testing with a small number or products/orders first and reach out to support if you experience any difficulties.

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