Migrating from Amazon by Codisto to Codisto Omnichannel app

The Codisto app is an upgrade to the Amazon Sales Channel with several added features:

  • Unlimited multiple marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, Google, and Walmart.
  • A powerful bulk editing interface in Multi-edit Mode for sorting and multiple layers of filtering.
  • Additional flexibility with Attribute Mapping, and allowing you to enable Product Specific Attributes.

The process can be summarized in the following phases:

  1. Uninstalling Amazon by Codisto (Sales Channel)
  2. Installing the Codisto omnichannel app
  3. Reconfiguring the Codisto app to adopt the previous setup (requires Amazon login)  

1. Uninstalling Amazon by Codisto

Click on the Settings button on the lower-left portion of your Shopify Dashboard. 


Under the Sales Channels tab, click on the Remove button next to Amazon by Codisto. Doing so will also unsubscribe you from the Amazon by Codisto plan.


Please allow 5 minutes for Shopify to notify Codisto about the uninstallation before proceeding with installing the Codisto app.

2. Installing the Codisto Omnichannel app

You may access the app through this link: https://apps.shopify.com/codisto-linq

Click on Add App and follow through with the prompts.


Or you can access Codisto through the Apps tab of your Shopify Dashboard.


You may be prompted to uninstall Amazon by Codisto, simply click on Start using Codisto



3. Reconfiguring Codisto to adopt the previous setup from Amazon by Codisto


Order Transfer Settings: This can be found via orders tab


Attribute Mapping: In Listings, the drop-down button in the upper-right of the grid


Linking Existing Listings - can be done by going to Settings > Link Existing Listings.


Ensure you have as many product identifiers as you can to match up between the Shopify products and Amazon listings. Codisto can make the linking process much easier by putting the Amazon listings into the High-Confidence or Medium-Confidence match groups. Alternatively, the linking can be done on a per-item basis.


Guides on the Linking Process:

Video: https://get.codisto.help/hc/en-us/articles/360000854636-Link-Existing-Amazon-Listings

Article: https://get.codisto.help/hc/en-us/articles/360001060236-Linking-Existing-Amazon-Offers-and-Listings

Important reminder on Linking!

Linking an Amazon listing to a Shopify product will create sync between the following offer (only) information:

  • Amazon listing information will remain intact
  • Price on Codisto will adopt the Price on the Amazon listing upon linking, the Price Operator will be set to (Fixed) Constant Price
  • Inventory on Codisto will be set to Web Quantity (Inventory Level) to match what's on Shopify
  • For Shipping Templates, input the exact name under the Shipping Group field and check the Handling/Dispatch Time is set correctly
  • Offer Sync will be set to Enabled (Active)
  • Send Listing Details will be set to Off (Offer Only)

Linking existing listings is done on the variant level, so you may find the items on the grid set to disabled even after linking them - please remember what you see on the grid applies to the parent item. If you wish to confirm that the link was successful, please click on the (+) button beside the item's SKU to show the variants' Offer Sync status. A successful link will also adopt the ASIN of the listing they were linked to.

Additionally, you may use the Offer Status column filter to pick out items on the grid which have the Parent Disabled/Child (variants) Enabled.


Additional articles on our Codisto app can be found here

Alternatively our 24/7 Support Team can be contacted via support@codisto.com 




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