Connecting your Kogan account


Are you approved to sell on Kogan?

Kogan marketplace requires sellers to apply to sell on the marketplace. If you have not yet been approved to sell on Kogan marketplace, you can apply to sell here.


Connecting to Kogan

Once you have been approved to sell by Kogan, you can connect your account to Codisto by following these steps.


1) From the Codisto home screen, click on Connect Kogan



2) You will need to enter the following information in this popup window:

Upon approval, this information will be provided by your Kogan account manager



3) Once Kogan has successfully been connected, you are ready to begin listing!

The listing process is now the same as all other Codisto-supported channels.

Already selling on Kogan? If your product SKUs match, we'll automatically link your existing listings when you enable them.



  1. Ensure to map your catalog to an appropriate Kogan category
  2. Use attribute mapping mode to ensure all catalog fields have been mapped to the corresponding Kogan template field. For example, "brand" is a required field on Kogan



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