Rendering Item Specifics in the template

Item Specifics are available to use in the template. 

For example to render an item specific named Warranty in the template, use the format {ItemSpecifics.Warranty}. It is possible to use just {Warranty} but specifying {ItemSpecifics.Warranty} makes sure the item specific is rendered even if there is another field (e.g. a attribute) of the same name. 

Item Specific with spaces in the name

If there is a space in the item specific name, it needs to be referenced without the space. For example an item specific named "Power Consumption", it needs to be included on the template as


Render all the item specifics as a table


That will just output all of the attributes as a table, with Label and Value as headers. This is standard behaviour for the template engine. Given a set without any specific instructions will just render a table. It is a useful technique when developing the template to see what fields are available on a set.

Render only if data present

If you only want to output something if the Attribute Value contains some text, use the following syntax:

{if ItemSpecifics.Warranty}
	Warranty: {ItemSpecifics.Warranty}
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