Amazon orders are missing addresses

Don't panic - there is no problem!

If you are seeing orders with no name and address details it means one of two things.  Either the order was cancelled in Amazon or more likely, the order is currently "pending payment".

If the marketplace orders view you can see:

Amazon only send address information once the order has been paid.  Hence, once the order transitions to paid, the address information will show automatically:


Even though it may not appear on Amazon as though the order was in a pending state, the Amazon API sends elements of the orders at slightly different time - the order coming before the payment.

Codisto will NOT push blank address orders into your ecommerce platform even if the orders setting is set to "Automatic: All" or "Automatic: Codisto managed".

All you need to do is wait for Amazon to notify us that the order has transitioned to paid and the order address information (and if set to automatic) the order data will flow to your ecommerce platform.

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