Turning off eBay emails

Codisto makes it possible to list thousands of products on eBay in minutes. This is great until you get thousands of "Item Listed" email notifications from eBay. The default is one email per new listing.

Steps to Turn off notifications

  1. Log into your eBay account
  2. Click on "My eBay"
  3. Click on the Account tab
  4. Click "Communication Preferences"
  5. Under Seller > Selling Activity change "Listing confirmed" from Real-time to None or one of the Digest frequencies if you prefer to still get a summary email.

Other notification options

There are quite a lot of communication preferences you can't change. In these cases the option will be shown but the selection drop down will be disabled.

The following options* are available to be changed:

Member Communications

Member-to-Member message notifications

  • Second Chance Offer


Buying Activity

  • Did not win
  • Won
  • Outbid
  • Watch alert
  • Watched item relisted
  • Price Reduced On Item
  • Payment failure alerts
  • Return started
  • RMA number and/or return address received
  • RMA number and/or return address overdue
  • Reminder to post the item
  • Item posted
  • Item received
  • Refund issued
  • Refund may not be received (item delivered)
  • Refund may not be received (delivery status unknown)
  • Return closed


Selling Activity

  • Item did not sell
  • Item sold
  • Listing confirmed
  • Postage label created
  • Postage label voided
  • Image is selected as a catalogue image
  • Listing improvement recommendations
  • Return started
  • Reminder to provide RMA number and/or return address
  • Item posted
  • Item received
  • Reminder to issue a refund (item delivered)
  • Reminder to issue a refund (delivery status unknown)
  • Refund issued
  • Return closed

Seller Tools

  • eBay Sales Report Updates

Seller Performance Notifications

  • Top-rated seller status updated
  • Selling limits removed
  • Improve selling performance to avoid limits
  • Improve selling performance to remove limits
  • Selling account restricted indefinitely

Best Offer

  • Best offer submit confirmation

Resolution Centre

  • Unpaid item case expiring - to seller
  • Unpaid item case opened - to seller
  • Unpaid item case closed or expired - to seller


  • Feedback reminder

Promotions and Surveys

  • eBay surveys and research
  • General email promotions
  • Promotional and educational pages display
  • Postal mail catalogues and promotions
  • Phone updates and promotions

Correct at the time of writing this help article. Please refer to eBay official help documentation for further details.

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