Search and Filter with the Codisto XpressGrid™

The Codisto XpressGrid makes it very easy to work with a selected subset of products in Codisto by searching and filtering based on almost any field or combination of fields.

How to Search and Filter


Clicking on the search & filter icon to the left of a field column name opens the filter dialog for that column. 



Entering a search term reduces the result list as you type.



Selecting results

By default all results are selected. You can further reduce the result list by clearing the checkbox on results you want to exclude. Clearing the checkbox on the (Select All Search Results) row at the top of the list will clear all the results, making manual selection of a subset of the result list easy.

Applying the filter

Clicking OK in the filter dialog will update the Codisto XpressGrid to show only the selected products. Columns with an active filter can be identified by the orange search and filter symbol.


Filtering multiple columns

Multiple columns can be filtered. Just repeat the process on a second and subsequent column to further reduce the products shown in the XpressGrid.

Clearing the filter(s)

When a column is filtered, the search & filter icon is orange (instead of white for an unfiltered column). Click on the search & filter for that column, then click "Clear Filter" to remove the active filter from that column.



What can be filtered

Most columns can be filtered. The only fields that can't are the Image, Description and Item Specifics columns.

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