Attribute mapping

Using Custom Attributes

Codisto's Grid ("Manage Listings" view) is a quick and easy way to configure marketplace specific variables such as price, shipping, which products are listed etc.  This can easily be done in bulk in the grid.

However, if you already have the data you would like to use such as specific listing titles or you'd like to use more logic driven ways to set marketplace variables you can use Custom Attributes. Click the 'Attribute mapping' menu:

Mapping an attribute makes the grid column grey meaning it can't be edited on an individual product basis (because there is an attribute mapped to that field for every product).

Remember to save using the green button at the top left AND ensure you are on the correct marketplace using the dropdown on the top right.

Value options:

  • <<Codisto Grid>> - means no attribute set - use the values in the Codisto grid (use to remove attribute mapping)
  • <Any Field available from the ecommerce platform> - uses variable from your ecommerce platform.
  • Constant value - enter any constant value.  Reach out to support if you are unsure about text format for certain fields
  • Formula - it's possible to use logical operators to drive variables and constants.  Reach out to support for more help if you wish to use formulas.